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1st Oilfields Turner Valley, Group Committee Home Page

1st Oilfields Turner Valley


Cub Camp Equipment Checklist - Spring/Fall

- revised Oct. 2004

Cub Camp Equipment Checklist - Winter

- revised Mar. 2009

Family Camping Checklist

- Enjoy camping? This check list may help with your next camping trip

Games for Boy Scouts

- Compiled by G.S. Ripley, 1953 BSA publication

Jump Start for Cubs

- Great theme based monthly meeting guides

Scouting Games by Baden-Powell

- A book from the early days of Scouting

Scouts Canada Online Catalog

- orders can be printed from the national Scouts site and can be faxed in with this form

Section 8000 of the Bylaws, Policies & Procedures (BP&P)

- Guidelines for Uniforms and Badge Placement (see pages 8-14 for diagrams)

The Camper's Knot Tying Game

- Learn the art of knot tying. 50 need to know knots for scouts, climbers, hikers, and campers.

The full Bylaws, Policies & Procedures (BP&P)

- the guidelines by which we operate! The answer to your question is usually in here.

The MacScouters Big Book of Games - Volume 1

- Games for Younger Scouts

The MacScouters Big Book of Games - Volume 2

- Games for Older Scouts

The MacScouters Big Book of Skits

- Excelant resource for all kinds of skits


Adult Photo Release Form

Adult Registration Form

- Fill out, sign, and bring to next meeting. Remember to print and fill out a PRC form (see below)

Camping/Outdoor Activity Application

Parent Consent Form

Physical Fitness Certificate

RCMP Police Record Check (PRC) Form

- Fill out, sign, and take to Turner Valley RCMP detachment during office hours. Acquire a Police Record Check requisition letter from the Group Committee before applying for your PRC in order to have the fee waived.

Youth Photo Release Form

Youth Registration Form

- Fill out, sign, and bring to next meeting

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